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Public Safety Broadband User Group (PSBBUG or "BBUG") Mission Statement:

"The Public Safety Broadband User Group is charged with advising the State Interoperable and Emergency Communication Board and collaborating with the New York public safety community on matters such as FirstNet deployment; evolving standards development; public safety broadband grant status, including the State and Local Implementation Grant Program; promoting public safety broadband in the New York State public safety responder and secondary user communities; and collecting the needs, requirements, and expectations of the public safety and emergency management communities for broadband and communicating those through the State Point of Contact (SPOC) Team to FirstNet and AT&T."

BBUG Activity

The primary purpose of the BBUG is to support current and future public safety broadband users and agencies. As of the launch of the BBUG, several initiatives have been identified:

  • Establish (and evolve) NYS PSBB governance and policy
  • Provide a forum to discuss PSBB issues and inform DHSES-FirstNet guidance
  • Advocate for NYS's PSBB Users
  • Establish and maintain a PSBB information aggregation site (including FirstNet and alternatives)

As implementation of the FirstNet program progresses, additional issues will be identified that warrant attention by the BBUG and they will be added below.

PSBB Governance and Policy

DHSES and the BBUG have identified the need to establish a NYS governance body along with a considerable variety of policies; they have raised this issue to both FirstNet and AT&T. These policies are needed to address issues of subscriber eligibility, user administration, incident management, interoperability, and priority of users and applications (e.g., if/when resources are constrained even for public safety subscribers). We believe that FirstNet is best positioned to provide template(s) to the States so they can be individually revised based on each state's practices. We will continue to advocate for these templates, and will work to establish NYS-appropriate policies for use by our stakeholders.

Public Safety Broadband Peer References

The purpose of this web page is to provide a list of volunteer peer references you can contact when considering the use of a particular device or application for your agency or for other comparative purposes. If you would like to make yourself available to your peers on a particular subject you have experience with, please send an email stating your interest to and we will add your name and device/app to this list.

Public Safety Devices


V35 ThinQ (LM-V350AWM)


Joe Fireman


Fire Service

Public Safety Applications




Jane Policeman


Law Enforcement

Other Public Safety Broadband Item

Item Name

Videocam Model XYZ


Bob Medtech



Other Broadband Topics of Interest

The BBUG will continue to identify pressing broadband topics and initiatives warranting the group's attention. A few examples are listed here:

  • Local Control
  • Interoperable Applications (i.e., to assure state/national interoperability)
  • LMR to LTE integration
  • Security - Network
  • Security - Device
  • Training
  • Use of municipal infrastructure for RAN

If you have topics you feel the group should consider, please use the Suggestion Box tab to submit them.

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